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"Hey! I just wanted to share with you that shea butter is the BOMB.COM
. I had a pimple on my face after putting the Shea butter on my face for 2 days the pimple was gone away. I would love to purchase more!"
- Daijuh, NC

"I love the shea butter! It smells great and I really like that you don’t need a lot for a good coverage. It’s making my skin feel very smooth."
- Anita S. NC

"My daughter can't get enough of it. Every night, she HAS to put it on every part of her body."
- Kendra J. Charlotte, NC

"I used SHINE! I love the scent. I never bought body butter. Feels nice on my skin and the citrus smells so refreshing. Packaging is very pretty."
- Stephanie K. Orlando, FL

"Shea Bebe body butter keeps my skin moisturized, feeling smooth with an amazing glow. To Keisha and Tiffany, thank you for making a great product. I love it!"
- Melissa P. Charlotte, NC

"I have to share this story with you... In 2008 when Obama was running for his first term, I stood in line for over 4 hours in the HOT South Florida sun in order to hear him speak. Needless to say, I would do it all over again. However, when I got home and I saw I had literally burned off the top layer of my skin on my chest and arms. Since then my chest has been scarred to the point that it looks like it’s “dirty” and I’ve tried everything to no avail. the short time that I have been using your Shea butter ’Heal’, my chest looks like new money compared to what it has been over the last 12 years. Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing... Black Girl Magic"
- Gwen L. Miramar, FL

"I am one of those people who
really and truly believe in supporting my friends. I purchased these amazing products for my husband as one of his Christmas gifts. He and our daughter daily used my "cheap" Shea Butter and I needed him to have his own stuff lol.  I, of course, dared not use his stuff but this morning after my shower it was the easiest thing to grab. THIS STUFF WAS MADE IN HEAVEN, PACKAGED ON EARTH, AND DELIVERED TO MY FRONT DOOR. I'm getting ready to place and order for me. You should place one also trust me it's a great self care gift to yourself."

- Syreeia M.

"Love Shea Bébé Organic products. It feels so good on your skin. A small amount goes a long way over your body. I just ordered more products to try. FEELING FABULOUS!" 

- DMauney N.