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Our Pledge

We pledge to offer pure and simple artisan shea butter products that nourish and transform your skin!
We keep it simple | Organic Ingredients | Responsibly Sourced | Made with Love

Our Story

Shea Bébé was born out of my desire to use only the purest products on my skin.  In 2012, I became very interested in knowing the source and ingredients of everything I use and eat. This began my journey of becoming a certified health coach and buying my own farm.   In 2018, I decided to make my own shea butter for myself and my immediate family. Very quickly, my sisters and friends began requesting orders. They loved this stuff as much as I did and made sure I always had some on hand for them....God forbid they ran out!
In 2019, my sister friend and business partner, Tiffany, suggested that we make different scents and share this amazing product with the world!

We are so excited to present our lovely artisan butters, made with raw organic shea butter, raw organic coconut oil, organic jojoba and vitamin E oils, the purest essential oils, and love. These products are truly transformative! We hope you will love them as much as we do.

We wish you peace, blessings, and beautiful glowing skin.

Your Shea Bébé's,